All technical memos written for laboratory assignments must follow the guidelines listed below.

1. The technical memo should be written for an audience who is familiar with the experiment and who is primarily interested in the results and conclusions.

2. The report must address specific questions listed in the laboratory assignment handout including any figures or graphs that are requested. If you have made additional observations that are relevant to the experiment, include them in your report.

3. The technical memo must be concise and to the point. Only include information that adds to the readers understanding of the experiment and any findings. Do not add unnecessary information to stretch the length of the memo.

4. All technical memos must be prepared and printed with a word processor. Use single spacing, one-inch margins, and a 12-point font. Drawings or equations made by hand may be added.

5. All technical memos should conform to the standard rules of the English language. Care should be taken to eliminate all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Proofread the memo and use the spell check function.

6. The standard format for the technical memo is as follows.

A. Title page: Every memo must have a title page including the title of the memo, the name of the course, the name of the person or persons writing the memo, and the date.

B. Body: The memo is a concise summary (approximately 750 words) of the work performed. It should include a statement on the purpose of the experiment, a brief description of the procedure used, a description of results presented in accompanying tables and figures, and a list of conclusions drawn from the work. Simple, clear statements have the greatest impact.

C. Appendix: All raw data and sample calculations should be included in the appendix of the report.

7. Each figure and table in the memo must have a number and title, for example, Figure 7: Comparison of theoretical and experimental results. Each figure and table should be numbered sequentially and referenced by that number in the text. The number of figures and graphs referenced in the text should be kept to a minimum (3 or 4) and should be used to present significant results of the work. Other supplementary figures and tables may be included in the appendix,